What is the Role of an Ionizer in an AC Unit?

The ionizer is a sophisticated filter that releases ions to clean, disinfect, and reduce bad odors in the home. It also captures pollen, dust, and other unwanted particles that contaminate the air. The fundamental concept of an HVAC ionizer is to emit charged ions into the air flow. These charged ions are attracted to and cling to particles that are suspended in the air.

The negative ions then charge other positively charged particles in the air, causing them to fall to the ground and accumulate on surfaces. In some cases, these devices contain a collector to draw charged particles back to the unit. The ionizer is equipped with one of the most advanced air purification technologies in the world - COLD PLASMA. This technology emits ions that disinfect and reduce bad odors in the room.

It also collects household dust, pollen, and other small particles that are responsible for allergies. At the same time, it produces ions to create a safe, healthy and calming atmosphere. Although ion generators can remove small particles, no controlled study has confirmed this effect. In response to the recent global pandemic, many people have been installing air ionizers in restaurants, offices, and even homes.

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